I offer both language and graphic design services to individuals or companies. Clients can choose one or a combination of the following services to ensure high quality, specialized results at competitive prices.

Language services

Translation I offer high quality translations from Italian to English or English to Italian. Different types of texts require different translation approaches. Texts describing design products, artwork or interiors often contain a level of eloquence that must be maintained in the translation in order to make the target text as pleasant to read as the subject it describes is pleasant to look at. In technical translations on the other hand, clarity and accuracy are usually the most essential characteristics. Translations of academic and theoretical texts must necessarily retain the richness imparted by their authors, while marketing and advertising materials require language that is catchy and convincing. Whatever your text, you can be certain that my translation will take the context, purpose and target into account in order to transmit an equally effective message to your international audience.

Interpreting My experience working in the business and design fields both in Australia and in Italy has honed my interpreting skills, allowing me to help companies or individuals express themselves fully to their international collaborators or clients. I provide consecutive interpreting on-site or via video conference call.

Voice-over I record professional voice-overs in English, autonomously or in a studio. I have a clear and expressive voice. Please contact me for a sample recording.

Copywriting My ability to understand, process, synthesize and elaborate information makes me an ideal choice for your English copywriting needs. I have an elegant, clear and accessible writing style that sounds natural and is pleasurable to read.

English for designers My experience working as an English teacher in Italy has shown me that generic Business English courses often fail to cater to the true needs of design companies. For this reason I am developing a specific ESL curriculum that deals with the realities of working internationally in the fields of architecture or design. The courses will be addressed to all starting levels and will develop the ability of students to express themselves in English, while focusing on the language of aesthetics, materials, techniques and processes related to their specific areas.

Design services

Page layout Well-written or translated text deserves a professional and effective layout to ensure that the message follows through with its intended impact on the audience. I offer page layout services for magazines, catalogs, books, pamphlets or any other formats you require.

Infographics Complex information and data can often benefit greatly from information graphics that visually represent key concepts, making them clear and rapid to comprehend. If you require a graph or visual representation, I can combine my analytical skills and designer flair to generate a compelling piece of information design to help you fully communicate your message.

Motion graphics and video editing Motion graphics and animation can be very powerful communication tools. I create captivating promotional videos for companies, products or events. The combination of playful visuals, perfect sound and impeccable timing will create an emphatic viewing experience for your
target audience.