Video and Motion Graphics

This show reel gathers short samples of motion graphics and animation produced for a variety of clients and purposes up until July 2015. To see more video samples, please contact me.

Corporate Identity & Communication Tools

Logo redesign, business cards, stationary, website, brochure, banners, copywriting and videos for the wire drawing company Fratelli Rotta Trafilerie.

Wall Graphics Collection

Original wall graphics and styling of 3D settings for Level Office Landscape to launch the company's new Graphic Coordination Service.


Promotional brochure designed for the 3D graphics studio Nespoli&Partners.

Corporate Identity

In this project, I developed a corporate image for a new brand of bathroom furnishing made from stone, in collaboration with B_Centric.

Page Layout

The following images were spreads designed for the magazine toBe at TVN MediaGroup.

Information Graphics

The following are examples of infographics created to help improve the strategic and organizational performance of various institutions.

Interactive Installation Design

These images represent a small part of a complex interactive installation designed to playfully inspire young people to reduce their personal greenhouse emissions in small ways.

Page Layout

The following spreads were designed for a new typography magazine and use experimental typography combined with lively photographic images.


The photographs below were part of a series of photographs aimed at portraying a subject in his environment. They feature Sydney’s famous restaurant, Catalina.